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The Kimber Pepper Blaster is the new version of the Kimber Pepper Sprays and the redesign was a much better option if you are looking for something other than the keychain pepper sprays that so many people are use to seeing around. With the Kimber Pepper Blaster II or the Kimber Pepper Blaser 2, which ever way you would like to say it, you are getting a Less Lethal device that points like a gun and shoots like a gun. At first people might see sticker shock, but the shelf life of the this pepper spray is 2x-3x's longer than most pepper sprays so keep that in mind when choosing a defense pepper spray.

The Kimber Pepper Blaser II is available a red or gray case and there is also a Kimber pepper blaster holster or carry pouch available for easy transportation. One of the biggest draw backs that many spray bottle mace or pepper sprays have is not being able to be pointed and deployed easily without having to look at the device. If a threat occurs the Pepper Blaster can be grabbed easier and pointed in the threats direction just by feeling the grip, just like drawing a firearm.