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We have gotten a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our customers about Larry Vicker's signature series gloves. The A107 gloves and the A106 Duty gloves. We like to ask our customers what they think about the products we sell and when we ask them about gloves, we have a 99% satisfaction rate with the thousands of gloves we have sold over the years. When you are in the situation where protecting your hands from heat, debris and temperature changes, you don't want compromise what you can feel with your hands. The trigger fingers on the gloves has various cut off points so the glove won't fray or come apart once cut. According to many of our customers, these gloves out last gloves that cost 2x's as much.

We highly recommend a pair of duty or mid-length glove to go with your tactical vest or range bag. To get the proper size for your hand, measure the circumference across the palm, through/ around the back of your hand, just below your knuckles. Glove sizes go from 7 to 14 with Cadet sizes being 1/8 shorter than standard glove sizes.

THESE ARE THE LAST OF THE VICKER'S GLOVES. No Backorders get them while you can !