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Many products we sell are items that people have a hard time buying online because a picture doesn't show you how a product feels and it's hard to put words down that explain about the size and cut of items like the Tru-Spec Tactical Vests and how they will fit and feel when you are trying to carry whatever firearms you want and in the climate you are living in. Concealed Carry Vests may work for you depending on the look you are going for and if you are considering any of the above lightweight tactical vests, there is a considerable difference in the feel between the standard Tru-Spec tactical vest and the Gunny Signature Series ultra lightweight vest.

Both vests are considered "lightweight" and and there are differences in the way the pockets are laid out so it this is something you should consider taking a trip to our tactical store and trying them out what the Tru Spec product line has to offer. The cut off both vests are identical and are very popular amongst our Competition Shooters when they are looking for a concealment vest for IDPA and such. There are so many ways to stow your pistol magazines, knife, flashlights or even use as dump pouches that it's up to your creativity or imagination on how you want to use this concealment garment.